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Netgate Security

NetGate Firewall with pfSense firmware, the future of secure networking is here. Scalable performance. Superior value. Cloud or premises. Enterprise Ready, NGFW : next generation firewall protocol.

OSIgate Security


OSIgate Firewall with OPNSense firmware, the future of cyber security. Scalable performance. Superior value. Enterprise Ready, Snort, Suricata, NGFW : next generation firewall protocol.



Traditional Firewall can protect layer 2~4, IDS/IPS autosense/autodefense can protect layer 5~7

1sthost Wechat Apps, Email and Firewall Expert


WeChat Public Account

Wechat Public Account Applications

wechat official account.png wechat official subscription account.png wechat official mini program account.png
The WeChat Official Account Platform is a platform that allows operators to provide WeChat users with information and services through an official account. The Official Account Platform web interface provides the foundation for delivering such services. On the Official Account Platform web interface, developers can create official accounts and get the permissions to develop the interface by reviewing relevant documentation.

Website on WeChat = binded with "WeChat Public Account"

another type of website which running on WeChat, bunded with wechat public account, allow Wechat users search and visit your website. It is "WeChat Public Account" , We can help to build your web content in your "WeChat Public Account", your "WeChat Public Account" become one of the popular web resources form huge wechat users base.

WeChat Mini Programs (Your own Mobile Apps on WeChat)

Apps on WeChat is your own apps but running on Wechat platform, support all type of smart phones, tablets, It may be easily accessed and disseminated in WeChat. Fully integrated with WeChat payment solutions, location, user identity ... etc

WeChat Offcial Account Platform Access Flow
(Offcial Account = Public Account)

  1. Register

    For the registration of Mini Programs on the WeChat Official Account Platform, the improvement and development of information may be concurrently conducted after the completion of registration.

  2. Mini Program information is perfect

    Enter the basic information of a Mini Program, including name, profile picture, introduction, service scope, etc.

  3. Develop Mini Programs

    After completing the union of the Mini Program developer and the configuration of the development information, a developer may download the related tools and reference documents for developing and debugging Mini Programs.

  4. Submit review and release

    After completing the Mini Program development, please submit the code to the WeChat team for review.

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